How to make a bequest

You can offer your support in a number of simple ways:

  1. Make a direct contribution to KFF by transfer of funds
  2. Include KFF as a beneficiary when making a new will
  3. Add KFF as a beneficiary to your existing will by making a codicil
  4. Vary your family trust to include KFF as a beneficiary.

The process can be relatively simple and inexpensive.

Please also note that currently donations to the Karori Football Foundation are GST-free, and are tax-deductable as charitable gifts. Donors are provided with a receipt for every donation.

Talk to your solicitor or trustee about the provision you wish to make for KFF in your will or trust deed.

Any support, no matter how small or large, is welcome and can be put to good use.

Our account

Direct contributions can be made into the Foundation’s bank account:


If you wish to receive a receipt please also be sure to include a reference with your donation (this could just be your phone number), and then contact KFF by emailing

Make sure you include your name, the amount and date of your donation, and your reference in your email.

Most importantly, on behalf of everyone working to raise the profile of football in Karori, a massive ‘Thank you’!