Make a gift to the game you love

Anyone who loves our beautiful game will recognise the importance of supporting its future. Karori Football Foundation (KFF) exists to do exactly that – by generating funds and managing projects to improve local facilities and develop our future stars.


What do we do?

We run a charitable trust with the aim of enhancing football in our community. The trustees are current members of the Waterside Karori Football Club, but the trust sits outside of the day to day operational committee. Designed to look at the ‘big picture’ of football in and around the suburb, KFF also takes on specific player-focused projects.

How do we generate funds?

The majority of our funds come from bequests and charitable donations from members and friends of football and generous people like you in our community.

Building on our past

Karori’s football facilities can always be improved. Everyday wear and tear means facilities need to be maintained, training equipment is always at a premium, and top-level coaches, physios and transportation all cost money. We are also striving to improve Karori’s football infrastructure. Other projects include generating funds for talented local players to be able to represent New Zealand overseas.